The Samurai Hout Bay membership ranges from four years old to senior citizens, and everyone in between. We are proud to be the home of a diverse group of individuals who have made our dojo their home. No matter your background, skill or fitness level – we treat each other with respect and humility, while we work to achieve our personal best. 

Samurai Hout Bay welcomes individuals who are new to martial arts, while also providing a challenge to even the most advanced student. You never stop learning on the dojo floor.

In addition to our adult class, children’s classes are divided into age groups for children and teens.

Classes are typically an hour (shorter for the 4 – 6 age group), and vary day to day – incorporating strength, technique, kata (combinations of movements, ranging from simple to complex), and kumite (fighting).

In addition, classes also include a practical  self-defence element, while incorporating strength and cardio endurance.

Classes cater for all students – regardless of experience, skill or fitness. The black belt student will be as challenged as the newcomer.

Kit Requirements: 

  • While newcomers may train in comfortable gear, full gi is required for all registered students.
  • Gloves
  • Shin & chest guards are optional, but recommended
  • See full equipment list here.