As with any sort of training, the right kit makes a difference. And while karate training doesn’t require a lot of equipment, there are some key pieces you will need.


The gi is the traditional white suit worn in the dojo. For training (and beginner) purposes, a lightweight gi is easier and more comfortable to train in. The colour belt you wear with your gi is an indication of what level of karate training you are at.

Should you choose to begin competing in competitions, a more formal, heavy gi may be required, particularly for kata.


Gloves are used for sparring. Karate gloves are generally open-palmed with elasticated loops for the fingers, and an adjustable elastic strap at the wrist. They protect you and your sparring partner from injury.

Shin pads are also used for sparring practice, and protect the legs when practising kicking.

Gum guards and chest protectors are used when fighting in competitions, but seldom in the dojo for training.


All of the dress and equipment mentioned above can be ordered at the dojo.